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Aesthetics and Therapeutic Specialists, Medical Spa

323 West Central St. Franklin, MA  508-541-7353


Microblading Is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where,

3D stokes are created to look exactly like hair. This technique is used to enhance, reshape, or create an eyebrow.

Procedure begins with outlining the eyebrow with a pencil to create the exact shape client is requesting. When both client and practitioner agree on a style and its measured precisely

to suit the face, we numb the skin. A nanoblade is then used by dipping into cosmetic colorant that is matched to the natural hair color. A 4-6 follow-up is included to ensure precise stokes.

Attention: Due to the length of time for the service of Microblading and PMU a $50 booking fee will be required upon placing appointment, the booking fee will be applied towards your service. We ask that you kindly honor the 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid loss of booking fee.

Thank you for your consideration